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World Education Mission -

The Idea Of WEM is Ensuring That Education Reaches To All Surpassing On All The Constraints That Come In The Way.

Learning Gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking leads to Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great

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World Education Mission intends to provide consultancy support to all countries in the World in the area of educational planning & administration for opening, diversifying and developing the existing or new institutions for managing the third millennium. WEM is committed to help the countries in diagnosing the societal needs and requirements in order to define the basic level of learning to meet the need of its population and helping them establishing the appropriate targets and derive suitable strategies for implementing the policies & programmes to meet the educational and institution building needs.

– Dr. Ashwani Lochan (President) 

My vision for the World Education Mission is to enhance education, particularly in remote areas. I aim to create a space where even the last person in line has the opportunity to acquire employability skills through education and skill development. I want to ensure that women can live in a safer environment, learning to empower themselves and become self-sufficient, leading lives of dignity.

– Ms. Gargi Lochan (Managing Trustee)

World Education Mission to launch Skill Development programmes at Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh.

World Education Mission offers Higher Education & Research scholarships to the students of Arunachal University of Studies.

WEM Trust

World Education Mission donate funds for the development of Arunachal University of Studies.

We are dedicated towards the development of underprivileged children from rural India through education in a comprehensive & holistic manner.

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