World Education Mission


Council of Minority Development is an organization created with a vision to do all-round development of the minority community, especially to educate people in the industry environment through the concept of Industry Blended Education System (IBES). The objective of this body is to uplift the status of the minority community by imparting value-based and job centric education. Council of Minority Development, a constituent organization of World Education Mission also focuses on providing help to the socially backward, economically poor and unprivileged students by offering sponsorships for their studies. CMD has been committed to providing high-end quality education, training and expertise to enhance the intrinsic abilities and skills of the students.

- World Education Mission


The main motive is to arrange a sound academic environment blended with industry experience for complete learning. This is implemented to ensure the all-round development of the students. CMD provides state of art technical and infrastructural knowledge by motivating students to realize their hidden potential. Council of Minority Development promotes professionalism by training young men and women through the modern scientific approach. CMD also offers consultancy in various functional areas of business and industry as well as it assists the organization in recruitment and selection of quality personnel. The objective of education is associated with employment as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe from a better angle and to analyse, determine and apply an individual’s ideas for constructive development of society.


The vision of CMD is to be a unified institute, acknowledged universally as a leader in developing innovative ways of teaching and learning by contributing strongly for the sustainable development of all the communities especially the minority community and assisting the third world countries in improving their academics, training and research programmes. Council of Minority Development is consistently putting efforts to provide a solution from elementary level to master level programmes thus becoming a one-stop solution for all the needs related to education, training and employment.


The Activities of the CMD includes


Affiliation scheme, short term training programme like awareness programmes, corporate training programmes, certificate/diploma courses, long term courses, continuing education programmes, training the trainers’ programmes, development of learning materials, project and consultancy services. CMD forms the ideal bridge to the ever-changing world of education and training.


Concept of Industry Blended Education System (IBES)


Industry Blended Education System is the most contemporary noble concept derived by Council for Minority Development, to blend the component of industry in education. IBES is just not a formality of giving industry exposure to students; instead, it provides full-fledged industry experience along with their studies. IBES enables students to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the industry in which they wish to work.


The purpose of every education is to offer factual knowledge and employment. An education incapable of providing suitable employment and knowledge to the student is fruitless. Our present educational system very rarely offers industry component in it. In this competitive environment, the gap between education and industry is widening day-by-day. This creates difficulty for young alumni to adjust themselves in industry. Sometimes it takes many years to transform them as professionals. In the absence of proper guidance, many students get distracted from their actual goals and proceed with their career without any objective, and choose unknowingly different profession from their basic qualification. This education to profession dropout, yields wastage of resources provided by Government & Private Sector in addition to the most significant years of study of a student’s life.


Through IBES, CMD is making efforts to make such educational model, which includes internship training sessions in normal educational programmes align with theory training sessions which is quite similar to the industry-integrated models available in Medical, Chartered Accountancy and B. Arch educational systems. IBES programmes will be offered to students with real industry working experience. IBES is the only mechanism through which the demands of modern industry can be full-filled and proper development of the society and nation could be possible.


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